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Permanent Make Up

start $125 Refill $85

Lash extension

applying individual synthetic lashes to each natural eyelash to add extra length and volume


Eyebrows Lamination

Eyebrows perm, Uniform shape, help brow hair stay brushed up and lift upward for an extended period of time


Nano Hair Strokes + shading

Combination of both nano machine strokes and powdered brows to create natural hair strokes with a soft powdery eyebrow look


Lash Tint

Esthetician will apply a safe semi-permanent vegetable dye to eyelashes to help dull lashes appear darker, longer and fuller


Full Lip Art

This procedure adds color to your entire lips making them luscious. We have many natural shades to chose from for a natural or dramatic look.


Eyeliner Art - Upper and Lower Eyelids

start from $150. Consultation needed.

Permanent Make Up removal (Tatto removal)


Lashes Lift or Perm

A perm for your natural lashes that lifts and curls lashes long term to a desirable shape


EYEBROWS Machine Nano Hair Strokes

Technician use machine and super fine needle to implant the pigment and create hair-like strokes. This technique will be much less traumatize to the skin than microblading and almost painless.


Lip Liners Art

Lip liners reshaped the lip lines and give lips definition


Eyebrows Tint

Esthetician apply vegetable dye to tint eyebrows. This safe process will help eyebrows appear thicker


Eyeliner Art - Both Lower Eyelids

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