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Women's Facials



Medical grade Hydradermabrasion. Instant gratification in 30 minutes with 0 downtime. 4 steps: Cleanse. Exfoliation dead skin. Extract-vacuum out pores. Hydrate- infusing skin with intensive serum, brighten ,plump, and protect, saturated the skin with antioxidants and peptide



Deeppore Cleansing, remove black heads and white heads, custom mask, facial massage



Skin pen, derma-roller. Collagen production technique help reduce appearance of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles...
Anti-aging, help brighter, firmer skin. Will Recommend accordingly to skin condition: D+cell 350 TRA PDRN, Glutathione hyaluronic, Stem Cell Growth Factor....



This sensory treatment is the latest in skin care technology which stimulates circulation and the production of your skin’s collagen, encouraging hydration and a more toned skin. HydraFacial is the only procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously. The treatment is soothing, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. **Please ask for introductory price, package and 4-6 weeks maintenance price



Target client: Unbalanced, Acne, pregnancy hormone imbalance, dry/dehydrated, sensitive, aging, smokers, and travelers.



This custom anti-aging treatment accelerates the removal of surface skin cells to reveal softer, smoother, healthier looking skin. The Peel Treatment minimizes acne, fine lines, large pores, black head, uneven skin tone, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, aging spot ….and restoring your skin to its ideal texture for a more youthful appearance.

Starting at $95.00


Banish those persistent breakouts. By utilizing medicated treatment to help draw out impurities that clogs up the skin which causes acne. This facial clears up acne blemishes and prevents future blemishes while gently exfoliating the skin and deep cleaning the pores. Then we’ll follow up with customized acne or balancing soothing mask.

Starting at $85


Our CrystalGlow Microdermabrasion creates dramatic results through skin resurfacing. This safe, non-invasive procedure deeply exfoliates the skin and stimulates the growth of healthy new cells. Afterward, we’ll apply our special mask to help induce vitamin C & collagen to penetrate and renew your new found skin. The result is fresher, younger looking skin and a noticeable reduction in the appearance of the fine lines, age spots, freckles, sun damages and etc….



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Starting at $95


Deep cleansing, remove impurity, release muscles tension and leaves skin soft & smooth.



Deep skin ionization processes: 1) Cataphoresis (positive) treatment cause an acidic reaction and help to firm the skin and promote new cell growth. 2) Anaphoresis (negative) treatment creates an alkaline reaction and is used to soften skin and stimulate circulation. Negative treatments are commonly used for deep pore cleansing and to loosen impacted cystic acne.

$185/ Serious of 10 $1700

NeurotriS Microcurrent

Neurotris Dynamic Microcurrent is a none surgical facelift. The procedure help to stimulate collagen production, tighten and lift skin, dismiss fine lines, crows feet and wrinkles. Lift jowls, eyebrows, and accentuate cheekbones, reduce dark circle and eye bags. Improve skin quality, greater tone, smoother texture, healthier glow.


Herbal Green Peel

We use herbs and plant extracts to treat large pores, impure skin, scars, premature wrinkles formation, sun damage and hyperpigmentation

Starting at $95.00


This peel drastically improve the client’s acne condition and the overall appearance of the skin. The acne peel work by removing the surface layers of the skin in order to expose the fresh and unaffected layer below. These treatments are proving to be efficient at treating acne with little risk of complication.



This mild peel has the ability to moderately stimulate collagen synthesis, extremely beneficial for many skin types of all ages. It help eliminate damaged skin cells, light skin discoloration, freckles, age spot, acne/acne scarring, black heads, unclog pores/decrease the size of pores, decrease fine wrinkles, improve texture and impart a healthier glow.
* Clients with olive skin, hormonally sensitive melasma, or hyperpigmentation pre-treatment skin program is required.



The classic, Essential Facial creates the perfect foundation for on-going maintenance. Your skin will respond immediately with improved tone and texture to our skin essential oil steaming that helps extract all the impurities and leaves you stress-free.



Using the hydrafacial technique combines with an oil-free serum that has a natural blend of bearberry, kojic acid and licorice will lighten freckles, melasma and age spots. This treatment focuses on hyper-pigmentation caused by sun damage, freckles, pregnancy- mask, age spots, and hormone unbalance.



Antioxidants can neutralize toxic free radicals and help to protect your skin from the damaging cause by ultra violet light and by other stress to your skin, oxidation of your skin’s collagen is the main cause of wrinkles. Unlike sunscreens and moisturizers, antioxidants can protect your skin from the inside out by guarding your cells from damage. Vitamins A, C and E and the mineral selenium are particularly helpful in skin care. In addition to helping fortify cells against free radicals, vitamins A and C also encourage cell and tissue growth, helping the body to repair itself, which is constantly shedding and regrowing cells. For this reason, any antioxidants that protect cells and encourage cell growth could be helpful in an anti-aging regimen, as they may help fight fine lines and wrinkles.



Is a method of exfoliation that use the sharp surgical blade to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells and peach fuzz then follow up with a customize mask leaving the skin hydrating, radiant, soft and smooth.

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